Who we are

The genesis of Unify Cycling emerged from the mind of one man with a love of cycling and a continuous need to serve and give back to society. As a Marine Veteran and teacher, I have been in service for over 30 years. Unify Cycling is grounded in the belief that the bicycle is a powerful and fun transportation machine. The primary purpose of Unify is to grow the sport of bike racing and a cycling lifestyle by cultivating the bicycle’s influence for the common good, promoting youth cycling, and elevating the access of non-traditional riders. By advancing safer roadways and more connected bicycling infrastructure, I hope to ensure bicycling is the healthy and sustainable alternative for which it was created.

Because the philosophy of Unify Cycling is Us. Together. By bike., I am committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and recreate. We all recognize that we are stronger when united together and firmly bonded by common goals. Each Unify cycling event will donate proceeds to a social organization making things better in the spaces around us. I will also encourage both participants and sponsors who can to contribute as well. As an organization based on service and inclusivity, our goal is to organize fun, safe, and entertaining bike races while simultaneously donating proceeds to causes much bigger than ourselves and a bike. 

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